Secrets from CFREs: Certified Fund Raising Executives

This will change your life. This is a powerful technique that you can immediately begin using. You may already know how to do it. It produces positive results. It will have a huge impact on your ministry because you will have more, reliable money to sustain and increase your mission.

You already know how to do this on some level. You know you should do this more. It is fast. It is cheap.

The results are enormous. You will build greater trust with your donors. You will gain repeat gifts from donors who give for the first time. You will receive second-mile gifts.

This point in history is a critical time for church finance. If you want your church to survive, or better, if you want your church to thrive, then now is the time to put some intentional focus on generosity.

The technique is to thank your donors. Now we know you are saying thank you during your Sunday message. We know that donors get a receipt that says thank you whenever they give. We know you are thanking donors in your newsletters and on social media. That is good, and important.

We challenge you to spend just a little more time with this powerful tool.

Thanking donors is a technique that professional fundraisers take classes on. They spend time and energy developing strategies to thank donors even before they invite people to give. This single focus does more to encourage repeat gifts, and additional, second-mile gifts, than any other strategy.

And yet, less than 40 percent of nonprofits properly thank their supporters, research shows.

You can stand out from other non-profits competing for your church member’s money. Learn and do the strategies that professional fundraisers use.

Here are three great resources specifically for these COVID-19 times.

Quarterly Giving Statements: 8 Ways to Increase GENEROSITY though QUARTERLY GIVING STATEMENTS

5 Donor Love Must-Do’s for the COVID-19 Crisis

How to Thank Donors- and Bring Them Closer to Your Cause This is the class (webinar) that professional fundraisers are taking for credit on July 16th. This is a rare opportunity to learn from the pros.

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